Rummy is a very exciting and appealing whether it is played online or in traditional version. A little knowledge in the tricks and the different strategies, this game captures the interest of the player. It is usually played with friends and family for fun. Today it is available in online version makes it all the more popular. Many have reported to have enjoyed playing online while some still prefer the traditional mode. Here is why the online rummy is better than the offline rummy version: 

Greater choice of players:

This game is more exciting when there are lot of players. Getting more people in the traditional mode can be difficult. Also playing with the same set of players makes it a mundane and predictable. Online version of the game gives much wider and more varied choice of players to play with.

Better variants:

There is a great variety in online rummy. It is available in many innovative formats with a wider audience which makes it excellent for rummy enthusiasts. Some of the popular variants include pool rummy, point’s rummy and rummy tournaments.

Better control and monitoring:

Shuffling cards, dealing and picking of the joker are done by the online rummy operators making it a more fair game and ethical with the safest procedures incorporated.

Great rewards:

There are some exciting incentives for playing rummy online. Online rummy operators keep organizing special promotions and tournaments with attractive rewards. This makes it a real driver for many players.

No hassles:

Play rummy from the comfort of your home and at any time. Just visit the site, register and start playing in the online mode. In addition to this you can different game varieties, different opponents to face and huge cash prizes to win. In the traditional format, you will have the hassle of gathering a few players, arranging a venue and coordinating things.

The best online rummy rooms are Rummy Circle & Classic Rummy

Players can now bet up to Rs.10,000/- and Win Up to Rs.50,000/- per game at Taashtime!

Taashtime has introduced high value rooms which can be found in the game software.

Bet High - Win High!

P.S.  Please be cautious when you play high value games. Where you can win big, you could also lose big. So play the high value tables only when you have sufficiently practiced and feel confident. Most importantly, ensure that the money you bet is within your "budget", so that even if you lose, it is a loss that you can "absorb".